Thorough preparation for public performances is essential to the achievement of high choral standards and regular attendance at rehearsals is a necessity. Rehearsals are normally held at Bloomsbury Baptist Church, Shaftesbury Avenue, London on Wednesdays from 7pm until 9pm with a 10 minute interval for tea, coffee, cake and the conduct of choir business. A record of attendance is kept.

Our current repertoire is available with practice files for those who would like them on the John Fletcher site.

If you would like login details but do not yet have them, please speak to Suzette. 

Notice of absence from weekly or concert day rehearsals should be notified to the Member’s voice representative, the Secretary or the Musical Director. The Secretary holds phone numbers and email addresses for the following

    • Musical Director – Jessica Norton
    • Secretary and acting Chair– Joan Poole
    • Treasurer – Aurelia Mason
    • Librarian – David Firshman
    • Publicity Secretary and Alto rep – Suzette Pettit
    • Friends’ Secretary and Bass/Tenor rep – Keith Searle
    • Soprano rep – Jane Kendall

Subscription rates and payment arrangements are reviewed annually by the Committee and submitted for Member approval at each AGM. Failure to pay the appropriate amount will constitute grounds for membership to be cancelled.

Auditions and re-auditions
Members must be able to contribute to choral performances of a high standard in keeping with the choir’s reputation, its high profile venues and appearance with professional soloists and players. Prospective members are given a short assessment by the Music Director before membership is confirmed. Members will normally be re-assessed at suitable intervals as determined by the Music Director.

Concert Dress, Conduct and Etiquette
As well as sounding good, it is important that the choir presents itself as a well disciplined unit on the concert platform. 

  • The Committee will prescribe the concert dress for each performance. It is normally:
    • Women —  full length black dress or black blouse and full length black skirt or black tailored trousers. Black shoes and black tights.  A small black bag may be carried. Jewellery if any should be discreet.
    • Men – black shoes, socks, tailored black trousers, open–necked black shirt. 
  • No food or drink must be taken on to the platform.
  • Members must be ready to line up at least 15 minutes before the start time of the concert and 5 minutes before the end of the interval.  Choir members should wherever possible avoid going front of house during intervals.
  • Music must be contained within an LOC folder, available for purchase from the Librarian.